++2 9 2017++

Pico Do Gavião, Brazil, Paragliding World Cup 3/9/2017 – 9/9/2017

This is the first time that a World Cup has been held at this site.

A lot of the world’s greatest and fastest pilots are here including 4 of 
the World’s big distance record holders: Frank BROWN and Marcelo PRIETO 
(World Record breakers in 2015), and long distance duo Samuel NASCIMENTO 
and Rafael SALADINI (World Record breakers in 2016).

Ten of the World’s top lead out point baggers are here, keep an eye on: 
Denis CHOURAQUI, Stephane DROUIN, Richard GALLON, Michel GUILLEMOT, 
Clement LATOUR, Manuel QUINTANILLA, Andre RAINSFORD, Cristiano RICCI, 

Six pilots competing here have already won at least one World Cup! Felix 
RODRIGUEZ (3), Stephane DROUIN (2), Richard PETHIGAL (1), Richard GALLON 
(1), Andre RAINSFORD (1) and Raul PENSO (1).

This has all the ingredients to make a very exciting competition.

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